Water Repellent
DRIPSEAL-WR-60 prevent the water to penetrate into exposed walls, providing following advantages:
  • Protect the surface from growth of black fungus.
  • It forms clear, invisible film so it does not effect the appearance of structure, whether it is applied on cement based colored paint or on natural surface, the appearance of structure remains as it is.
  • Control the efflorescence.
  • Prevent flaking of interior paint.
  • Extend the life and beauty of cement based paint coatings.
  • Easy to apply, no skilled worker is required.
  • It stops the water absorption, so the dirt does not find the way to enter the structure and remains un sticked on the surface, which is washed away with rain, leaving behind the clean surface.
  • It does not effect the breathing property of the structure, allowing the internal dampness to evaporate.
  • Effective for more than five years.


DRIPSEAL-WR-60 can be applied
  • On exposed wall having the surface such as brickwork, mechanized brickwork, matured plaster or concrete, stone masonry and other absorbent surfaces.
  • On cement based paint coatings.
  • On asbestos cement (AC) sheets.
  • On window sills.
  • For protection of exposed surface from cracking due to freeze thaw.


Cement Admixture
DRIPSEAL-CA-61 has following advantages on mortar/concrete.


DRIPSEAL-CA-61 can be used:-
Coating For Damp Surface

DRIPSEAL-DS-36 is recommended for :

Tar Epoxy

DRIPSEAL-TE-37 is recommended for:

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