(For Grouting Cracks)

DRIPSEAL-GC-35 is an Epoxy based formulation, specially designed to meet the requirement of grouting cracks, where cement slurry does not serve the purpose. Its low viscosity enables it to penetrate deep even in fine cracks. It has no shrinkage and it has high bonding strength. It is available in two packs, which are to be mixed together just before application. Mix only that much quantity which may be used within 30 to 50 minutes. Horizontal cracks can be sealed by gravitation system or with pressure grouting, whereas vertical and overhead cracks are to be sealed by pressure grouting. In addition, it can also be used for various waterproofing purpose, such as basement, lift pit, water storage tank etc, Due to its low viscosity it is very easy to apply with brush, so it can be applied as base coat or primer coat before application of various other DRIPSEAL coatings.

(Wired Glass Substitute)

(Just Fix and Forget)

Light Weight, Low Heat Transfer. It may be called as LIQUID GLASS, as it is available in liquid form in two packs system, which are to be mixed together. After mixing it is to be applied on wire mesh which would seal the holes of wire mesh. Its appearance would be like the wired glass. The properties of DRIPGLASS are tailored to overcome the drawback, disadvantages of ordinary glass. The major draw back of glass is its tendency to crack even with minor jerk, risk of breakage is always there during handling, transportation, before and after fixing and due to natural calamities such as storm, hail storm, all stone throwing vibration due to various reasons. Glass is to be HANDLE WITH CARE right from beginning to its end. Its cutting and fixing is risky and is to be carried out by skilled and experienced persons. Its heavy weight adds to the transportation cost as well inconvenience in fixing specially in multi story buildings and higher industrial sheds. For fixing glass of glazing etc glass putty is used which gets crack and peel off in due course of time, so regular maintenance, attention is required to avoid any eventuality.

(An anti termite treatment to buildings)

In construction industry, termite is a serious problem for wooden structure. Until now toxic compounds like Aldrin are used to get rid of this problem. Toxicity of these compounds poses threat to environment that is why the use of aldrin has been banned by WHO (World Health Organisation ). Now other compounds substituted are also toxic. All these compounds falls under the POISON category. These are to be stored, handled and applied with many instructions. Even empty containers etc. are to be destroyed carefully. These compounds repel the termite from the area where it is applied, but the wooden chowkhats grouted in floor are not protected against dampness. And chowkhats get decayed due to dampness and water. Secondly, ants also destroy this portion of chowkhats. Moreover the treatment of such compounds is effected for limited period as such recurring expense is there. TERMIBAN is available in two packs. After mixing, it is to be applied on wooden structure. On setting a very hard, transparent film is formed. This film or coating is not attacked by termite or other insect. So it has banned the termite to harm the wooden structure. This coating is resistance to water as well as acid. It is not poisonous product. Therefore it is totally safe during storage, handling and application. And no inhaling risk to workers. The coating is highly durable almost permanent, so there is not recurring maintenance expense. The coating is to be applied on the portion of wood, which comes into contact with masonry structure, or to be grouted in floor. The only limitation is that it is a pre-construction treatment.

(Elastic Sealant)


USES: DRIPSEAL-ES-58 is recommended for:-

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