A wide range of unusual products:

DRIPSEAL-PJS-43 (Pipe Joint Sealant): It is most economical substitute of lead for sealing C.I.pipe joints. Dissimilar fittings and pipes may be jointed with PJS-43.

DRIPKLEEN (Multipurpose Cleaner for bath fittings, marble, tiles, metals)

DRIPSEAL-RR-21 (Roof Raincoat): For waterproofing of roof, terrace garden, sunken slab, basement, water tank.

DRIPSEAL-PC-70 (Penetrate coating): For waterproofing of brick tiled roof, clay tiles, RCC roof, wall, asbestos sheet .

DRIPSEAL-WR-60 (Water Repellent): Clear solution for waterproofing of exposed brick work, stone masonry and wall.

DRIPSEAL-CA-61 (Cement Admixture): To make cement mortar and concrete waterproof.

DRIPSEAL-GF-54 (Gap Filler): For filling gap between window and wall, sky light, glass fiber dom, ducting, sealing pipe thread as replacement to Teflon tape, internal crack.

DRIPSEAL-DS-36 (Coating For Damp Surface): For water tank, floor trap, drainage chamber, main hole, basement, bathroom, lift pit and surfaces which are not possible to make dry.

DRIPSEAL-DW-31 (Coating For Drinking Water Tank): For potable water retaining structures such as reservoir, water storage tank, dam.

DRIPSEAL-GC-35 (Grouting Cracks): In bridge, dam , RCC structure, roof, wall.

DRIPSEAL-PM-41 (Patching Mortar) For repairing pot holes in floor, damaged RCC structure, step nosing, run way.

DRIPSEAL--FF-32 (Floor Finish): Clear and colored coating for dust free environment such as food, pharmaceutical, electronic industry etc., and sealing marble joint.

DRIPSEAL-TE-37 (Tar Epoxy): For basement, water tank, insulating bus bar in electrical field, as rust preventive coating for M.S. structure.

DRIPSEAL-BA-34 (Bonding Agent): For bonding old concrete and new concrete/plaster.

DRIPSEAL-MC-97 (Multi Coat): For waterproofing roof, brick tiled roof, wall, parapet, asbestos cement sheet.

DRIPSEAL-CP-33 (Corrosion Protection): For providing high degree corrosion protection to M.S. structures, chemical storage vessel.

DRIPSEAL-ES-58 (Elastic Sealant): For sealing expansion joint in roof, wall, dam and sealing skylight.

DRIPSEAL-BT-72 (Bond Tite): Adhesive for bonding like & unlike material such as metal, glass, marble, wood, ceramic, fixing loose screw, name plate, label, pipe thread.

DRIPSEAL-JS-23 (Joint Sealant): For sealing joint of marble, swimming pool, terrace.

SUPER SEAL Multipurpose epoxy putty for domestic and industrial use.

TERMIBAN (An anti-termite treatment for buildings): It ban termite to damage wooden structure. It is pre-construction treatment.An anti-termite treatment for buildings): It ban termite to damage wooden structure. It is pre-construction treatment.

DRIPGLASS (A glass/fiber glass substitute): Unbreakable, light weight, low heat absorption, translucent.

ZINC PRIMER Primer for M.S. structure before application of anti-corrosive coating.




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