(Gap Filler)

DRIPSEAL-GF-54 is recommended for:-

(Bonding Agent)

It is an Epoxy based formulation specially designed for bonding old concrete and new concrete/ plaster providing monolithic surface. Normally cement slurry is used in such conditions, which does not perform to the satisfaction and shrinkage crack is developed at the junction of old concrete and new concrete. This crack becomes the source of leakage. DRIPSEAL-BA-34 has excellent bonding with almost all types of construction material, so hacking or chipping of old surface is not desired. DRIPSEAL-BA-34 is available in liquid form and two pack system. Both parts are to be mixed and applied on old concrete. Fresh concrete/plaster is laid when the coating is little touch dry.

DRIPSEAL-BA-34 provides excellent bond when used for :-

(Floor Finish)


DRIPSEAL-FF-32 can be applied on floor in electronic industry, pharmaceutical & food processing industries, computer room, operation theater, breweries etc. It can be applied in bathroom tile and marble joint, swimming pool, laboratory table slab.

(For Drinking Water tank)

DW-31 is recommended for:

(Corrosion Protection)


It is suitable for Corrosion Protection of mild steel vessel, chemical storage tank, effluent tank, caustic soda plant, sugar mill, paper mill, breweries, underbody of automobiles, vehicles, water storage tank and other structure which require protection f rom chemical attack. It can be applied on non-ferrous metals also.

(Penetrate coating)

DRIPSEAL-PC-70 is a unique product. It is polymers based compound. It is a single pack system and ready to use. It is really do it yourself product. Cement is to be mixed in equal quantity by volume. It also penetrates into the structure. It is one of the economical and durable products available. Since it is ready to use, so there is no wastage and no wastage of brushes also.


DRIPSEAL-PC-70 is especially recommended for brick tiled roof, clay tiles, plastered surface, lime terracing, RCC roof, asbestos sheet.

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